Communication professional, with more than 10 years of experience working within multi-cultural environments. Broad based academic background on Marketing & Business Administration (M.B.A.) from the University of Kentucky, in the United States. During my career, I have successfully provided media consulting for a variety of organisations, companies and governmental campaigns, including the design and the implementation of the Communication Strategy, achieving the media objectives.

I am an Awarded International Photographer, certified by the Irish Centre for Human Rights, part of the National University of Ireland, in Galway. I am focused on humanitarian and documentary assignments and storytelling visual content. I believe that every hides an inner Superhero and through my photos, my aim is to release that hero with the highest of ethical responsibility by preserving the dignity of subjects and providing a faithful, comprehensive visual depiction of surroundings.

Photo Exhibition on behalf of European Union in Myanmar (2017). The photo exhibition showcases the EU Development Cooperation in Myanmar and it is featured on Yangon Public Transport.

Awarded by the International Florence Biennale Contemporary Art Exhibition (Italy, 2015), for my personal photo project “From Myanmar… with Love” (Myanmar. 2014), a collection of 100 answers by Myanmar people in the question “What is the meaning of Love”.

“My Greek summer #GRummer” (Greece, 2015), is a visual photo project for the promotion of Greek tourism, hit 10.000 views in 1 week, broadcasted in National Greek TV channels and published in a variety of webpages.

“GIVE + TAKE love, hope, light, smile” (Greece, 2013). A photo charity exhibition conveying the message that “volunteering has no borders”. A collection from my voluntery mission in Vietnam as a volunteer. The exhibition gained great media attention from a multi-cultural audience which exceeded the estimated raised funds.

My portfolio includes humanitarian and documentary visual and content assignments and collaborations with reputable organizations; the European Union Delegation of Myanmar, Frontier Myanmar Magazine, Actionaid organization etc; Features for Rakhine State & Rohingya in IDP camps, Refugee camps in Greece, Bajau Sea Gypsies in Borneo, Yangon homeless people etc.

Moreover commercial and corporate assignments in Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia, that includes product, food hotel photo projects; Novotel Hotel, Le Planteur restaurant, Pomelo store, Samahita Yoga Retreat etc

Dream Big and Think Positive”

these thoughts are my inspiration

Every Big dream becomes a new goal and every difficulty I face, an opportunity to learn during my personal journey.

This is Life and this is what I Love… Life.