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3 λέξεις για την Ζουλού φίλη μου

… it is a passion and a deep understanding of the products. Color, texture, pattern, lines, shapes, and form are all there with fresh herbs, colorful vegetables and props to enhance the elements of the recipe, the cuisine and the restaurant’s atmosphere.

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The mobilization of photography in the service of humanitarian initiatives to raise public awareness and funds to alleviate human suffering. My portfolio includes collaborations with media, institutions, international organizations and NGOs.

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My work through visual projects that combines photos, video and text. It includes traveling and cultural projects, collaborations with yoga teachers, and personal projects revealing my thoughts and my feelings.

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14 years in communications

... in media strategy, content and visibility. I have been collaborating with many reputable organizations and international companies in Asia and Europe. My solid academic background facilitated me to develop each project’s request efficiently by approaching professionally the client's requirements.

1st Award in Florence Biennale

... and over 40 humanitarian assignments and editorial features. I believe that every human being hides a ‘superhero’ within. Through my photos I try to give voice to that hero and reveal their feelings, thoughts and ethics. Photography ‘captures’ a moment but reveals historical, political, and cultural facts from the past.

traveled to... almost 23 countries

... and overnight in many airports. Travel is a personal evolution, it is how to learn to be open to the unknown, be out of your comfort zone. You share moments and feelings with people you meet for the first time... and probably you will never meet them again but still they are part of your memories.

Βραβευμένη φωτογράφος και υπεύθυνη επικοινωνίας στην στρατηγική μέσων, περιεχομένου και οπτικών μέσων. Το portfolio μου περιλαμβάνει εταιρικά, ανθρωπιστικά και πολιτιστικά projects και συνεργασίες με διεθνείς οργανισμούς. Περιηγηθείτε στην σελίδα μου και να θυμάστε να ΟΝΕΙΡΕΥΕΣΤΕ ΜΕ ΟΛΗ ΣΑΣ ΤΗΝ ΚΑΡΔΙΑ & ΝΑ ΣΚΕΦΤΕΣΤΕ ΘΕΤΙΚΑ! Η ζωή είναι γεμάτη ευκαιρίες!