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3 words for my Zulu friend

This is Sara.

Sara is from Sudan and from South Africa, ah! and a little bit from Ethiopia… well to make the long story short, Sara is from the African nation and she is my Zulu friend. Cause Sara has also origins from the Zulu tribe.

When she arrived at MSF house it was around Christmas. She was not that much talkative and she was spending most of the time in the living room watching Doctor’s House. Well, maybe I was not that welcoming as well. You see, that week we had at least 3 guests in the house every day.

But this is Sara. The smiley girl that for the last two months we had our appointment in the living room around 7.30 for dinner.

One day while we were going to the pharmacy warehouse, Sara asked me if I would travel to South Africa for a friend’s wedding.

‘Well, I would try. Especially if that friend is a close friend, I would love to be with her in that moment of her life’

‘Well, that was the easy question. Now there is one more’ she said.

‘What?’ I asked starting to realise that we speak about her wedding.

‘You think you could attend a wedding… topless?’

‘Hmmm… I am not sure I get your point…’

‘Well, the following year I am getting married, it will be a Zulu traditional wedding and I would like you to be one of the five bridesmaids. But according to the tradition, they wear only the traditional kind of skirt…they are topless…’

I think I kept my mouth open for several minutes. I was really surprised. Not because I was invited to a Zulu wedding, neither because I had to attend this topless… (Apparently, I don’t need to worry for the dress) but because it is my honoured to be invited as a bridesmaid to her wedding!

For the whole night, I had a big smile on my face that big that I couldn’t sleep!

Sara finished her mission a couple of days ago. I can tell you it was not easy to say bye-bye. But at least we promised to meet at her wedding. At her Zulu wedding, in South Africa, topless… soon.


One last thing. I believe that from each person that we meet we learn something. When I was in my blues and I complained because I had lost my ‘lollipop’, Sara reminded me that ‘universe takes your lollipop, only if it is to send you one box full of lollipops…’

This is MY FRIEND Sara.

my Saraki MOU

my Saraki MOU


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  • Nedzia March 28, 2018

    Nicely written. And you will be most welcomed in Cape Town 🙂
    Continue the good writing .

    • Maro Verli March 28, 2018

      Nice people make you write nice … 🙂

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