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Hey mum! this is not the world you promised

Published Nov 16, 2015

Wars, deaths of young people, natural disaster... what is this world?!

Hey Mum, this is not the world you promised to me. Something goes wrong. You didn’t teach me none of what is happening here. You didn’t say anything about all these things and now I feel lost and I don’t know what to do.

I've learned that we should look after of the younger kids in school, and when other kids bulling them, you said that I should defend them. You taught me that in the school it would be great to sit during the lessons with those that have no friends and you told me that I shouldn’t mind if my Greek friends didn’t like my friend Anta from Albania. You were speaking about justice and you encouraged me to defend for justice.

You told me that freedom is everyone’s right and that there have been many wars in the name of freedom and peace. And to be honest I could never understand how peace and war goes together. But this was in the past. Now people learned from their mistakes, so you said that we learn through the history. You were speaking for intelligent and educated people who made small groups, such as those we made in schools, where we can vote and speak about community’s affairs. Peacefully.

Dad was always saying that I must study to gain knowledge, so I can aim for my dreams and contest for my choices. He was saying that this would give me opportunities to have a proper job and every single day I was trying to learn something new. He taught me the values of sharing and offering even when I believe have not enough, there is always something to share.

Dad taught me to take care the flowers in our garden and not to throw my garbage in the forests and around the streets. He always says, "the nature we live is our home" and I do so! What if the Rosakos, our dog, did his poop somewhere around in our garden. I was cleaning the mess because I was loving my dog.

I am confused... I am very confused!

I grew up and the, I am not a child any more, but I understand nothing.

Why no one is taking care of these children who are coming out wet from the sea. And when they will go home, it is already November, they have to go to school. And why they still wear summer clothes, it’s winter, it is cold!!Somebody must say something to them! Hey! Mum, if they can’t speak of their selves why no one speaks on behalf of them. I remember once you told me that no matter in which country it is happening, the important is that it happens. Why nobody talks about it? And it happens again and again. I cannot understand ... we have books, we have our history that proves exactly that! That violence begets violence. Why nobody solves the problem; People should go home. Children have to go to the school!!!

Hey! Mum, now, I don’t know what I should do about that.

I did everything you said. I was studying, I went to the University. My friends did as well. But mum, now they cannot find a job... and they are sad.

Hey! Mum, now, I don’t know what I should do about that.

The other day I was reading in the news about fires ... I don’t remember where that was! Oh yeah in Indonesia. Apparently, it was written in small letters and nobody speaks neither for that. But doesn’t matter in which country this happens, it matters that it happens somewhere ... in my home, in my world, in my planet. No matter if it is nine hours far from the place where I grew up. I do not understand why someone would harm our home that much, I cannot even guess for a reason! I do not understand ... but they say that it is a major environmental disaster and they are suspicious of companies’ profits. But, how can that be! I don’t get it…

Hey! Mum, now, I don’t know what to do either with that!

I am crying mum... I am crying cause today I realized that you taught me so many things but there was one thing you didn't.

You never taught me how to be indifferent of what happens in the world.

You never taught me how to be silent...

Mum! This is not the world you promised to me

Mum! I am crying because you were always talking for Humans, but today the Human in me just died... because my Human didn’t have a colour, a country, a religion, or money. My Human has no label…

Mum... please....


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