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Published Sep 14, 2015

From Myanmar ... with love! And being sourounded by love, very good friends and holding my dream, next stop is in Biennale the International exhibition of Florence.

If someone asks, “Do you believe in Dreams?” I would say “Yesssss”

And the story goes like this…

In May, I saw the Florence Biennale call for artists.

iNFO: Biennale is an event of excellence in the contemporary art scene. One of the major exhibition of international level that draws a diverse and extensive audience from cultured, educated professionals, university students, youth and public with interest in the arts.

dREAM bIG: I applied. I had nothing to lose.

My wISh bUCKET: During May I received the above mail,

“The International Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence has the pleasure to inform you that you have been selected by the International Selections Committee to participate with your photo project “From Myanmar… with Love”, in the X Edition of the Florence Biennale will be held October 17 to 25, 2015 at the historic venue, the Fortezza da Basso in heart of the city.”

Honestly speaking, I switched off my laptop and I went to the local market to buy my groceries. Something was wrong, this could not be for me… A few hours later I text to my friend… “Well, I think… I am not sure…I am selected by Biennale, in Italy…”

It took me some hours to realize what was happening. In the following days I started thinking of the details to see if I could go. On October, during the exhibition, the school where I work would be closed due to the holidays. It was that moment when I said. “It’s meant to happen, try it!”

And I did. During the last months I was looking for a company to sponsor my participation. This was a bit difficult… “Tsipras phenomenon” did not help the companies and the situation was really hard. I was very disappointed. A few weeks before the confirmation deadline, I said to some friends that I won’t participate. I cannot afford it and maybe it’s better.

Before a few days, my friends from Myanmar, the people that they know me during the last year, made me a BIG SURPRISE, made my Wish Bucket List shorter… and they announced me that they will be my sponsors.

Malakita (Yeap is a nickname for our familiar and popular Greek word “Malakas”, but with all my love), Jordi, Maliaristo (my Greek ex-wife), Damianito (this French guy!), Marikaki, Psilos (well his name is Vicus, if you meet him, you will understand why his nickname is Psilos) Markousaki (this is my 4 years’ old best friend), Yiannis O. (The other Greek guy, It was the one that insisted to go), Giannis K. (The other Greek guy, he lives in Bangkok, he came for some days and the same day he offered me a CD with his daughter favorites songs).

Finally, the photo project “From Myanmar… with Love” will travel on October to Florence, in Biennale.

FACT 1: Yeap! I believe in Dreams. I am a dreamer and I like it!

FACT 2: More than that, there were friends, back in Greece, who offered me the option to offer part of the amount I would need.

Yeap! I am blessed! Because I am surrounded by people who believe in me and encourage me. I am blessed cause I have Friends…

WATCH: X Florence Biennale video

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