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European Union in Myanmar, Kayah state- PROSPER Action (Mercy Corps)

Photo Assignment with European Union in Myanmar

The assignment responds to the need to develop communication materials to illustrate the impact of EU-funded projects in Myanmar, particularly a photo library. This tool will be used for a wide range of creative, technical and documentary purposes (including website, social media, newsletters, leaflets, posters, national and international media, etc.). The photos reflect not only the local contexts, living standards and natural landscapes of the areas visited, but also the purpose and meaning of the different EU interventions.

Over the last few years, Myanmar has embarked in a historic and multi-faceted transition process. This process included a number of political and economic reforms aimed at fostering an inclusive democratic system, resolve the long-standing ethnic conflicts and creating an increasingly diversified and internationally integrated economy.

In line with the priorities identified by the Government of the Union of Myanmar (GoUM), the EU-funded Institutional Strengthening and Policy Dialogue Support project aims to strengthen public institutions and non-state actors and develop capacities for policymaking, planning and implementation to respond to citizens’ needs and contribute to general socio-economic development.

PROSPER aims to lay the foundations for sustainable peace and development in Kayah State through the implementation of a multi-tiered programme at the village, township, district, and state level by building the skills and relationships that will enable local actors to work together peacefully, while achieving tangible development impacts that address underlying grievances. The Mercy Corps-led consortium – which includes the International Rescue Committee (IRC), The Border Consortium (TBC), Nyein (Shalom) Foundation, Karuna Myanmar Social Services (KMSS) Loikaw, and Association of Volunteers in International Service (AVSI) Foundation – capitalises on the strengths of each co-applicant to ensure geographic coverage and knowledge of Kayah State, relationships with diverse key stakeholders, and complementary technical expertise.

Paung  Si  Lett in Kayan language means United Hands and it refers to the Promoting  Sustainable 

Peace  and  Resiliency  (PROSPER)  program funded by EU in  Kayah   State. It  is  a  multiyear

initiative  that  seeks  to  leverage  and  build  upon  the  end  of  armed  conflict  through  strengthening  local  governance  mechanisms,  supporting  community led  development, and  promoting

peacebuilding  initiatives.


Paung  Si  Lett  aims  to  benefit  at  least  15,000  vulnerable  households  in  150  villages   across  all  seven  townships  in   Kayah  State.   Program  activities   will  privilege  the   inclusion  of  returning  displaced  persons  and  refugees,  youth,  people  with  disabilities,   female headed  households,

 ethnic  minorities  and  other  vulnerable  groups  wherever   possible.


Li Li and her two friends participated in sewing training. Her sister knew the traditional art but now she found a job in the city. With the training they feel confident to make several types of clothes for men and women and they hope that their business and the orders will be increased in the future. They are trying to keep their prices competitive for the local market and they are keen to attend an advanced training.

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