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European Union in Myanmar-My justice program with British Council

Photo Assignment with European Union in Myanmar

The assignment responds to the need to develop communication materials to illustrate the impact of EU-funded projects in Myanmar, particularly a photo library. This tool will be used for a wide range of creative, technical and documentary purposes (including website, social media, newsletters, leaflets, posters, national and international media, etc.). The photos reflect not only the local contexts, living standards and natural landscapes of the areas visited, but also the purpose and meaning of the different EU interventions.

Over the last few years, Myanmar has embarked in a historic and multi-faceted transition process. This process included a number of political and economic reforms aimed at fostering an inclusive democratic system, resolve the long-standing ethnic conflicts and creating an increasingly diversified and internationally integrated economy.

In line with the priorities identified by the Government of the Union of Myanmar (GoUM), the EU-funded Institutional Strengthening and Policy Dialogue Support project aims to strengthen public institutions and non-state actors and develop capacities for policymaking, planning and implementation to respond to citizens’ needs and contribute to general socio-economic development.

My Justice is an access to justice programme implemented by the British Council, funded by the EU.

MyJustice supports Justice Centres in Yangon and Mawlamyine, which provide one-stop-shop legal advice, assistance and representation in civil and criminal matters for the poor and vulnerable, help raise people’s understanding of their legal rights and obligations, including through collaborations and linkages with community-based paralegals and social service providers.

With MyJustice support, since September 2015, the Yangon Justice Centre (YJC) has provided legal representation to 248 people, including 44 women Mawlamyine Justice Centre (MJC) has provided legal representation to 280 people, including 54 women. In providing advice and representation to the clients in court, the Justice Centres have also provided crucial support for the 2,173 members of their families in Yangon Region and Mon State.

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