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Every suMMer has a story and...salt!

Published Aug 31, 2015

This is how I feel for my summers in Greece. Friends, love and deep breaths. Either for making long dives or to smell the sea and the mastic tree.

Recently, hundreds of Facebook posts came up with sunsets, amazing beaches, ouzo accompanied with seafood next to the sea and awesome sceneries with the fifty shades!

Let me share with you my typical summer since I was a kid. When me and my family went for camping in the Peloponnese area. We set up our tent and spread around all we need for the following one month. Later, the tent “grew up” to a camping trailer. At the evenings me and my friends from the camp, almost twenty kids, were going to spend hours and hours as far as we could from our parents, somewhere on the beach, behind rocks and under the moon. The background music was Scorpions, Metallica... and Greek rock groups as every teenager fan did! We were carrying the portable cassette player and a bunch of tapes... On 15th of August we set fire on the beach to celebrate the Maria Name day according to the Greek tradition. It was these days that everyone tried to drink beer for the first time.

The place is called Tyros, it is the place where I spend all my summer holidays since my 18s. And this is the most wonderful gift that my parents did to me...

Now, I am trying to visit more islands and as I grow up, I realize that the only things I need are a couple of clothes, my snorkeling equipment and my camp tent.

The most difficult time is during the morning when the heat and the flies makes you wake up, the most relaxed time is on the afternoon when cicadas start their singing feast and the most magical moment is when it starts to get dark, during and after the sunset... Magic!

My summer has a pair of sorts, sandals, messy sea wet hair and coffee or beer or lemon juice with chips and watermelon. And if I got some seafood...well, I have everything I need!

This is how I enjoy my summers. With friends, thoughts, funny moments, summer love and deep very deep breaths. Either for diving or to get the smell of saltiness and the mastic tree. Now, the music I prefer is folk Greek music or some “chill summer house” music.

Summer in Greece has color, flavor and smell. It's pure love, it's a manifest of the nature for your senses, full of relaxed and happy moments. And among all the countries I’ve been, Greece would be the most beautiful to spend your summer.
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