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Florence Biennale, 1st Award - "From Myanmar to Italy... with Love"

Published Nov 8, 2015

From Myanmar ... with love! And from Italy with the Award. A photo project, a dream and a 1st award. At the Biennale, Contemporary art exhibition.

#At first it was Love, Curiosity for Love

And this is how the story starts.

I Love photography and I Love to make stories with my photos. And this was the question in my mind at that moment. What is the meaning of Love? How can photography speak for that meaning?


Myanmar people where very open to answer to my question. With most of them I had a short communication since I consider that very important in order to understand their beliefs and their culture. They opened their home to me, they offered me hospitality, tea, grapes, biscuits etc. Though I was a stranger and I might never remember their names, now I know that I have several stories to remember through this photo journey.


Among these moments, one was the most powerful. It was the moment that I realized things that till then was not clear in my mind. I met a monk and I asked him the question. He looked me through my eyes, he stayed silent for a few minutes and then he replied with a warm and kind smile “Do you know the answer, or you are looking for Love?”


Biennale came out of the blue. I’ve never believed that I could participate in this Art case. My friends encouraged me and they supported me while I was trying to make that dream true. They helped me in several ways. From small details to big ones. There were several moments that they were telling me “Everything is gonna be fine” and I was feeling that “Yeap! it will!”

And then it was Biennale. An amazing experience, with artists from all around the world. Seven days in an amazing city, Florence, in a historical venue, Fortezza di Basso. When I arrived in the city, I was looking around like a small child. Not only I was back in Europe, but I was the Greek artist photographer represented in Biennale.


During the exhibition people approached me to ask me about the meaning of Love. What I believe, why I made that project etc. They were telling me their personal thoughts, their stories, their feelings. Some people were crying while they were watching the video with the photo and the answers. The last day it was the Awards Ceremony. I was with some close friends, they had visited me bringing also Greek stuff. A few seconds before the announcement, I felt nothing. I had convinced myself that I would enjoy the experience no matter what the results would be.


At least this is what I was thinking. Cause when the jury announced the results I was so excited that I couldn’t see nobody around. Only my friends. They were saying loudly “Grecia! Grecia” and the audience was applauding and smiling to us. And when I was receiving the Award the jury was saying “Love always wins”

#At the end, it was Love, Love for sharing, Love for experiences and Love for communication

#At the end it was LOVE, and yes Love always wins

#At the end is ONLY LOVE and my ONLY WISH is that everyone could feel that soon

#Share Love

Special thanks to Antigoni, Damien, Beisy, Jordi, Marika, Wikus, Yiannis and Giannis and to my little friend Markus.

Special thanks to Yiannis Mpoutas for his valuable editing and FlyByWire, try to find about this band. Their music in the project (photo video) inspired many people. (facebook: fbywband)

Special thanks to Stella, Maria, Anna, Dimitra and friends who were always there to listen, support me and make me feel calm.

Many thanks to Dimitra Kochila, and Anna Bousdoukou for the interview in Skai TV - TV News "Tora"

Lili, Virginia, Angelina thanks for your assistance but above all you did, I thank you for the night you reminded me that Love is somewhere around waiting for the right moment.

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