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Let me Introduce my Grandma

Published Sep 15, 2015

This is my grandmother. Her name is Maria and she has a good word and a big hug for everyone. And what I admire about her is how strng and generous she is.

Milos island, Summer 2015

In my grandmother’s home.


I say: “Grandma, will you find me someone to teach me surf?”

My grandma replies: “Better to find someone to have sex!”

I say: “Grandma! I can see there is something here with the man that brings you the potato...”

My grandma replies: “My daughter, that man, he cannot even climb a tree...!”

I say: “Hey grandma, I might be late tonight... no worries!”

My grandma replies: “Come back early in the morning where the sun will be up, and it won’t be dark!”

This summer, I went to Milos island where my grandma lives there. She hadn’t see me for months and when I announced her that I will visit her as soon as I will arrive in Greece, she started to prepare...  almost 2 months ago!!

Grandma cooked all my favorites’ Greek dishes and everything that she knows I love to make me enjoy my time there. Cheese pies, tomato paste, meatballs and pita bread with yogurt.

We had our morning coffee at the balcony while she asked me to visit only one of her 6 sisters. "She is the oldest sister," she said «... and you might not have the chance next time you will visit me.”

At the end she found the way to get me to all her sisters and with proudly share with them that her granddaughter was finally here! They knew weeks ago that her “granddaughter was coming to the island!”

I am not sure if she had made an official announcement, but her friends knew about and she had warned them not to call in home early in the morning during these days.

In the evening while I wander around the tourist’s shops under the Castle, in Plaka, I start talking with the owner of one shop. When I told her that my grandma is Maria Noe, she said;

"I remember your grandmother she was coming in the public office, when I was still working there. She was always polite and smiley. She was one of the kindest women I've ever met"

My grandmother is considered for my mom as the one who punished them if they didn’t finished their meal... for me is the one who would lie to my mom when I hadn’t finish my meal.  And before I got 30 she always said that "marriage for her grandchildren before 30's was only trouble" on my 30+ things have changed.

"Why you want to get married, you are so young! Be with someone you love and loves you and enjoy it! "

A few years ago, I went with her in Istanbul. Every morning I was waking up from the sound of the plastic bags that she was preparing. Candies, money, biscuits... and toilet paper roll in case we needed. To pay for something, she had to uncover the bag that was inside the smaller purse, which was inside the wallet and so go on... to avoid pickpockets!

In my grandmother’s mind, Myanmar, is a place where Zulu live... or like Djibouti and every time we talk via Skype she stays still... because she doesn’t want to “through” the connection.

My grandmother, like all grandmothers, had difficult times through the years and she have experienced the worst that a mother could live. I wish to have the kindness and the smile she always had. Now, I just hope to have some of her gratefulness and her strength.


This is my grandmother. Her name is Maria and she has only a good word to say and a big hug for everyone. If you ever met her she won’t grumble, she will cross her hands and she will tell you “Never mind, everything will be fine!”
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