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Meantime Paris

Published Dec 11, 2017

Spending 4 days in Paris before my final destination. This is what I call meantime Paris. Walking in the streets and finally visiting the Louvre Museum.

I will be honest with you... when I arrived in Paris I had an idea about French people;

these people are arrogant, and they never respond to you in English and if you don't speak French they can be even rude!!!

Oh yes! I had an opinion for French people and particularly for French that lives in Paris though in my life I had been in Paris only for 6 hours.

Oh yeap! I was thinking like that... and I am not proud of myself for that!

Now I have my personal experience and I can have my opinion.

People in Paris are extremely polite!

Most of the people that I asked for a help in the streets (and believe me I asked many people!) not only they tried to explain me but, in some cases,, they would get me in my destination on foot. They would use their mobile to find out the correct metro line that I should take, and they would smile in case they didn't speak English... but again they would try to explain me!

I shared my experience with a Parisian friend and he was surprised.

I thought that if someone doesn't speak French people just don't respond...

I don't know what "usually" happens or not, what I know is that a smile always helps the communication.

Parisian people reminded me not to believe in the "national norms" and "travelers’ stories". It's only your personal experience that should shape your opinion...

This is Iya Traore, professional football freestyler that offers spectacular shows in Montmartre city.

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