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MSF team in Abuja 2017-18

Published Jun 1, 2018

What makes MSF successful and efficient. A great team of beautiful people.

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) organization needs not only doctors in order to be efficient. Let's see some of them.

From left to right: Ryuichi, the Admin Manager. He controls the movements and the flights within the projects and the coordination in Abuja. Ian is the Capital Log and our Super Hero. When there is an electricity cut in the city or no water in the tank or the generator doesn’t work, Ian is always there to work on the solution. Mona, the Head of Mission Support for MSF Geneva. One woman shows in Abuja, she does everything! Our Doctor, Thierry. Our pharmacist, she assures that all the medicins will arrive on time to the projects in the field. Andriy, the Supply Manager. He orders everything we need, and he facilitates the order until it will arrive at the field, medicines, medical tools and whatever it is important for the operation of the hospitals. Phillipe, our Financial Coordinator, every month he assures that the staff will receive the salary in time and that the budget is enough to support any humanitarian emergency and the projects.

But we need also drivers, radio operators to control the movements, cars and engineers to fix the cars, watchmen to keep us safe at the office and at the house, we also need more people in pharmacist, in the financial and the human resource departments and of course we need Veronika and Sunday, our cook and cleaner... Cause when 15 people live all together in a house that receive guests every day, Veronika's meals and Sunday's cleaning is necessary for sure!

And sometimes we need to relax and to have some fun. So, since Nigerians love football... (well though I wouldn't say that in our team we have the best players, but still...) we had fun!

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