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Myanmar… Living for two years!

Published Jul 9, 2016

Two years in Myanmar and it is the moment to go back home. In my luggage I have lots of love, new friends, experiences, a new life mindset and new dreams to follow.

Well, this is it.

Two suitcases with a total weight of 30 kg.

I am standing alone in a home, not my home, since mine is already rent by someone else.

I am in Yangon, where all my friends are gone for holidays.

In a few hours I will lock the door, I won’t say goodbye to anyone, since for the last months... we had farewell dinners and tears!!!

I will arrive to the airport, I will try to convince the staff in check in to allow me to have a couple of kilos more in my luggage and the journey will begin.

And what about with the one that started two years ago?

A circle closes to let new ones to open. New paths, new choices, new directions.

I don’t want to make it dramatic ... actually, I am excited about going home...

I won’t put a background music like "It's a new day, it’s a new life ...." cause it’s not...

At least it is not for the moment. It was a new day for the past two years.

When I was working as a teacher, and Herrick was holding my finger to feel safe, when I met a monk and he offered me a tea, when I was travelling around Myanmar, with my camera asking for the meaning of love, when this was a great opportunity for a new career, when I met my friends in Italy and we did a road trip, when I had the Biennale award, when I was not allowed to enter in the country because of my passport, when I was travelling in Thailand and in Bali, when I started working in a magazine as a photographer, when I traveled to Borneo and visited the Bajau tribe, when I cooked for the first time... meatballs.

But it was also when I had to kill one, two, three... ”bib” (that disgusting insect!!), when I had to find accommodation and a short job to earn my leaving while I was waiting to receive my passport in Thailand, when I went to Laos with a friend and I ended up by travelling by myself, when I was working in two different jobs and I was coming back home late in the night feeling exhausted, when my grandmother got sick and I was not next to her, when the house was empty, empty... just that, when I desperately was looking for a house and everything was expensive, when I was looking for a job...

This is the circle that is almost closed, leaving many pieces in me.

The Strength, the passion, the experience, the patience, but most of all, the faith that at the end everything is gonna be fine... this is the one and only option.

And this closed life circle gives to new ones the opportunity to open.

New desires, New aims, New dreams.

To be honest, what I will miss most is the fresh fruits and... my friends.

There are not your childhood friends, who know everything about you, but those who know and can understand everything from your living in this country. They are the ones who know that this relationship will not end with a farewell. It will continue but in another way. Today, I know that I have a friend and a home in Spain, in South Africa, in Zambia, in Cuba... and they have one in Greece.

Feeling a bit afraid and stressed which I am trying to hide since I am also excited about my Greek summer holidays... there is only one thing to say...

I AM COMINGGGGG HOME I don’t know for how long, I don’t know why ... but on Monday mum will have prepared a spinach-pie...!

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