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Myanmar or Burma, Yangon or Rangoon

Published Sep 17, 2014

Myanmar was under military rule from 1962 to 2010 when the new political configuration brings significant changes.

Myanmar or Burma, Yangon or Rangoon, Mingalabar

In 2014 I arrived in Burma. I quit from my job and for the first time in my life I decided to travel for two months. The country was isolated for decades due to the military dictatorship. Under the rule of an oppressive military junta neither the UN could know what is happening in the country. Now, Myanmar is undergoing significant political changes, but it still faces significant political and economic challenges.

In the city where I live, significant investments make Myanmar as the world's fastest-growing economy.

It is quite interesting to see how people react when they interact with foreigners.

Mingalabar is the Burmese greeting and most often translated as “hello,” but its meaning is much more elegant and expansive than that…something closer to “may you be auspicious,” perhaps “may you be fortunate and prosperous.”

Every single day in Myanmar is a short of adventure. You experience that when you realize that the taxi driver has no clue for your destination but because it is disrespectful to say that he had not understand... he is just driving...

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