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Photo Exhibition - Delegation of the European Union to Myanmar

Published Sep 1, 2017

Photo exhibition by the European Union, in Myanmar

It is my honored to be the photographer for the unique... and moving photo exhibition on behalf of European Union in Myanmar. The exhibition run during June and it was in 10 buses on the Yangon Bus Service routes 6, 39 and 57, as well as on Cherry Dala ferries and the Yangon Circular Train Sa-lone route.

Today, the EU and Myanmar engage in political dialogue, cooperate economically and maintain ever-increasing trade relations. The EU is assisting Myanmar in responding to humanitarian crises - both for people affected by conflict and those struck by natural disasters, like the 2015 floods or Nargis. EU focuses on areas that matter the most for a prosperous future: peace, education, agriculture & food security, health and the modernization of governance institutions. the exhibition aims to showcase the European Union's work in Myanmar and it is the first time that a photo exhibition is hosted in the Yangon Public Transport.

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