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PRIDE LGBT Festival, 2014 Myanmar

Published Nov 5, 2014

The LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) in Myanmar celebrates its first festival.

Info: &PRIDE LGBT Festival (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) 

14-15-16 November 2014, French Institute of Myanmar


Screening of Documentaries from Asian countries (China, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar) and films related to the topic. Screening would follow a concert and then dance music.

And everyone there was enjoying the night and the music, Myanmar, Spanish, French and a bunch of different nationalities with different sexual orientation. And this was respected and not disturbing at all!

And you know, it was fun! I liked that everyone was respecting the dressing appearance and the people's choice.

This is Bawa. I asked him if he wants to write on my notebook "what is the meaning of love?" He smiled kindly and he said, "Are you ready for my answer?" And he gave me back my notebook,

"Love is Tears"

"I feel that someone hurt you...”, I replied with a smile.

He nods "yes», and he is weeping,

«I have feelings for him, I love him 5 years now" he says.

I hugged him, and I felt that though we don’t know each other he needs a hug...

"You have a kind heart and you will find someone who will see it and will love you for what you are."

«I am afraid not...»

“Have faith don’t lose your hope!"

"I will! I promise!" he said.

I hugged him, and I left him dancing among the crowd.

I swear I had hardly find any difference in that hug compared to the one I offer to my friends. Actually, Bawa needed more a hug...

The Feeling: 

What I can say is that this night was a beautiful celebration, a small Gay Pride that some groups assert their rights. For me homosexuality is not diversity, it is just one more orientation. It becomes different when it is expressed in an exceptional way and sometimes provocative as well and thus you differentiate yourself while you fight for the equality.

"Too complicated and it is very simple!

I do not mind about anyone’s choice.
I do mind for myself. I want my behavior, my reaction, my mindset not to disturb other people life.
I don't want to make anyone unhappy or feeling uncomfortable. 
One way or another it must be love respected by all sides.


China: The LGBT festival is prohibited, and the filmmakers learn info about the schedule only few hours before each screening.

Indonesia: Last year and due to the media attention police has become more violent. Recently, the Pope gave his blessing and he said that he is open on these issues.

Cambodia: Tomboys are acceptable, Lady Boys have third toilet, but not equal rights in work, education and care.

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