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Road Trip in Italy

Published Nov 15, 2015

Flavors, nature, friends and seven cities in 10 days. Italy is a romantic and artistic place, with passionate Italians. And all you have to discover.

Bongiorno Signorina!

There was a film where Italians were described as typical Mediterranean people, expressive and with love in good food and in coffee.

Well... it’s true!

For Italians, drinking coffee is a short process that takes only three sips and only a few minutes, the lunch break is in the office’s neighboring restaurants where apparently, they have an amazing buffet and they talk loud, they laugh louder and they express their disagreement with typical Italian gestures.

However, for me Italy was something more than that...

Obviously when you are in Italy after living several months in Myanmar, the ham, turkeys, rocket with sesame, pizza, sandwiches, the Parmesan and chocolate croissants are one of your favorite activities during your day!

Road trip in Italy with good friends. Florence-Sienna-San Gimignan-Venice-Pisa Cinque Terre-Rome.

Driving in Italian streets was just enjoyable, having your close friends made that awesome and your senses are satisfied with the baguette’s smell, the green valleys, the stone castles in the mountains, the hugs, the loud laughter... and the tears to keep the balance and the scenery... made another beautiful and unique journey full of love and titters.

Each one of us went beyond ourselves with joy. Having the experience of staying in a hostel with shared bathroom, the early waking up without having enough time to enjoy your morning cigarette or from the other side waiting for your friend to finish smoking and for me the biggest challenge was to throw in the rubbish the spinach pie that my mom had send with my friends. You see after the third day it was not eatable and for me wasting food is a thing...

After all, these small things made that trip one of the best I’ve ever had...

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