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The story starts with a change

Published Sep 9, 2014

A resignation, a life change decision and a journey that wil last two months. Exploring Burma, but most of all exploring myself.


On 30th of January last year, 2014, I was celebrating my 30th birthdays.

I made my life's review for the last ten years and I realized that the only thing that is missed from my bucket list is to do sky diving. I felt that from my 20nd to 30th I was full of experiences. Travelling, photography, love, friends, disappointments, success and failures, degrees, a job in my field... laughter, beaches, sun and sea, theaters, yoga ... I had even attended fashion design courses! Yes, everything in these ten years! I felt fulfilled and happy and I wanted to celebrate that with my friends.

But now what?

THE NEED: Now I felt that I need something new. I need a CHANGE.

And this is what I decided. On September of 2014 I would have a new job, new aims and new directions.

And this is how the story goes.

Business plans that turned up to a flight.

For several months I was working almost in three jobs. During the morning in the office, later working in a restaurant and on the weekends some extras. I decided to quit and It was the first time in my life that I had almost no plans.

PART I – You can DO IT!

I was lucky enough to have good friends and quite supportive with my decision.

«I am disappointed of you because you don’t realize what your potential.»

My friends said one night when we’ve been on Pafos beach under the full moon light.

"Make a break and come here to visit me, just to travel and to relax. You can stay in my place as long as you want."

This was the message that I received one day through my viber from my friend who recently had moved to Myanmar in a new job.

PART ΙΙ-It’s true

September, 17th, Gate 9, I am with my luggage, my camera and my journal at the airport. In 14 hours I will be in Myanmar, where I will stay for two months. Honestly? I didn’t even know where Myanmar was on the map. It was the first time in my life that I had that long holidays and I promised to myself that if I didn’t like it I would come back earlier. No plans, no schedule for my new daily routine. Only my camera, my yoga and my journal.

So, I couldn’t share with you all my experiences and my thoughts through a Facebook status thus the story starts from here... through this website.

The beginning:

Well, it’s quite difficult to get used of the idea that actually for the whole day you have nothing particularly to do. It is also quite difficult to relax while you have no job plans.

THE LESSON: Be present and enjoy it.

The only thing on my notes was my schedule for tomorrow's visit plans and even that I preferred to keep it in my mind.


At the end there is no other way rather than following your heart. The only way where things goes well!

To be continued…

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