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Summer School in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy, Ireland

Published Jun 28, 2016

Scholarship in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy, in the University of Ireland. A dream that comes true and stands for my career development.

It took me almost 38 hours to travel from Myanmar to Galway in Ireland. Thailand, Abu Dhabi, London, Dublin and here I am! in front of the University of Galway.

20 People coming from all around the world we participated in the Summer School program in Cinema, Human Rights and Advocacy. Amazing and intense experience... Beautiful people...

And when I realize how I got that opportunity I find only one answer...

Follow your Dreams! This is all you must do and let the Universe brings the rest...

This trip would not be the same without

Roshan’s hospitality

Margaux’s special ruler gift

Ismini and our moment back in lake

Mohamed’s good news for a new job

Makiz’s passion to help people back in home, in Afghanistan

Theodora’s passion to believe

Erin’s interest to explore the world

Tomas’s helpful questions,

Christine’s faith to find a job somewhere in Europe

Anagha’s spontaneity

Ondrej’s birthday... and cake!

Dowha’s fresh ideas and perspective for LGBT communities

Julia’s and Ana’s adorable Spanish attitude

Romain’s smiling and warm personality

Stephen’s help and kind heart.

Pritha’s passion to speak about Women’s rights in India.

Katie’s dreams for her new career path.

Zoi’s, Claudia’s and Nick’s passion to share their experience and knowledge with young people and to inspire them.

That’s why that trip was unique, because of the people I met. Thank you, awesome people!

Follow me to the next country…  India

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