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Thailand – Bangkok – Krabi + Railay beach

Published Oct 21, 2014

Thailand, the most touristic SE Asian country. And that makes me feel uncomfortable. Apart from the sea and big malls, here sex tourism and drunken tourists are common.

Thailand - Bangkok - Krabi + Railay beach, ขอให้การเดินทางเป็นไปได้ด้วยดี

Bangog is a city that makes me small and I don't enjoy it that much. Sky is covered by skyscrapers, and the big shopping malls are the main activity for the people that live here and for the tourists. People are obsessed with their appearance. They smile but you can not trust them... Thailand has high numbers of tourists ans this might justify that some times locals are rude...

However, the islands are beautiful, long coast with sandy beaches, part of a jungle nature...

In Crabi I had my first food poison, I wish no one experience that!

However, I will definitely remember the moment during the sunset on the Railay beach, where a familiar song comes from the local bar. Its is a Greek singer, Tsanaklidou. I am drinking mango and papaya juice enjoying the moment with all my senses!

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