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Three words for my Zulu girlfriend

Published Mar 27, 2018

A Zulu and a Greek in Nigeria...Oh! And an invitation to a topless wedding...

This is Sarah.

Sarah is from Sudan and South Africa. Oh! and partlally from Ethiopia ... ok, Sarah is from Africa in general and she is my Zulu friend. Because Sarah also comes from a Zulu tribe.

When she arrived to MSF house, it was near Christmas. She wasn't too talkative. Most of the time she was sitting in the living room watching Doctor's House. Okay, and I wasn't into socializing theses days... That week we had at least 3 new people in the house every day and it was a bit frustrated. 

But this is Sarah. The African smiling girl of MSF House and for the last two months we give an appointment at the lounge around 7.30pm to recap the day's events and to have dinner.

One day, as we were heading to the pharma warehouse, Sarah asked me if I would travel to South Africa for a friend's wedding.

"I would try. Especially if this friend is a good friend, I would love to be with her in this special moment"

"That was the easy question. Now there is another one” she continued.

"What?" And this was the moment that I realized that we talk about her wedding.

"Do you think you can attend a wedding ... topless?"
"Hmmm ... I'm not sure I understand you ..."

"Well, next year I'm getting married. It will be a traditional Zulu wedding and I would like you to be one of the five bridesmaids. But according to tradition, bridesmaids only wear the traditional skirt ... they are topless ... "

I think I stayed with my mouth open for several minutes. I was really surprised. Not because I was just invited to a Zulu wedding, nor why I had to attend this topless ... (Obviously, I don't have to worry about the dress) but because it's an honor for me to be a bridesmaid at her wedding!

For the whole night, I had a big smile on my face so big that I couldn't sleep!

Sarah finished her mission a few days ago. I can tell you it was not easy to say goodbye. But at least we promised to meet at her wedding. At the Zulu wedding in South Africa, topless ... soon.

One last thing. I think we take a lesson from every one we meet. One day I had my blues, complaining that my universe always takes back the good things that I am close to get. And Sarah said...

"Have you ever thought that the universe might take your lollipop, just to send you a box full of lollipops. .. "

This is my FRIEND Sarah.

my Saraki MOU

She is a caring, modest, friendly person who always says 'Ask me what I am thinking now!' and she thinks a lot, I can tell you!!!

Few days before she left we wrote 3 words that we think for each other.

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