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Traveling to Jordan

Published Mar 26, 2020

Desert, rocks and sea are all the elements of nature in Jordan... Oh! and hummus of course!

Visiting the Middle East for the first time in my life! And here we are in Jordan!

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan or simply, Jordan, borders Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, Saudi Arabia to the east and south, and Israel and the West Bank to the west. And one of the most beautiful moments of the trip was when we realized that we were travelling on the Aqaba coastline where Israel lies on the other side of the sea while if you look a little further, you will see Egypt, a small part of the other side of the Red Sea.

Jordan gives the opportunity to travel in the ancient Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also to enjoy a coffee in Aqaba and sense the cosmopolitan vibe.

The Dead Sea itself is a unique experience. A lake where the surface and shores are 423 metres below sea level, making it Earth's lowest elevation on land. The salty water keeps you on the surface as you move cautiously into the water, which has a salinity of 33.7 per cent. This is almost ten times saltier than ordinary seawater.

Wadi Rum is the place where Laurence of Arabia lived in 1917-1918. Vast rocky land of red and pink sand. Many Bedouins live here, many of whom have now moved to small neighbouring villages. However, you still find camels and Bedouin scenes under the hot sun and among the dunes. We stayed there for two nights, in a camp. The owner got us for a ride during the night. He was also a Bedouin that now works in tourism and quite familiar with the desert's secrets. Last night, we were far from the camp, under the starry sky, next to the fire that was lit by the few sticks we found around. It was only one thought in my mind that very moment: How many beautiful moments you can experience while travelling...

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