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Volunteer Mission in Vietnam

Published May 6, 2013

Vietnam, a mission with ActionAid. An experience that brought thoughts, beautiful people and exposed me in another reality.

tHE dATE: May 6th, 2013 a group of 45 volunteers from Greece and Cyprus meeting each other for the first time in the airport.

tHE mISSION: Volunteer mission with ActionAid organization, in Vietnam with the target to contribute to the construction of the kinder yard of a school in the community Lai Chao, a few kilometers far from China borders.

iNFO: During the monsoons and the rainy season children cannot approach the school and in some cases,  children die from drowning.

dURATION: 45 hours / We had to travel by airplanes, trains and buses to reach our destination.

aCTIVITIES: During the mission each group would contribute to the collection of rice and tea, to the construction of the school yard and would help to the preparation of the lunch.

iNFO: Last century Americans used hundreds of thousands of tons of bombs and chemicals in Vietnam War that caused and continue to bear serious health problems. Today, the average income of a Vietnamese is not over $ 43 per month, while their country is among the first five countries who are most affected by climate changes.


I) Great experience to see and observe how people live in remote areas and how they react when you visit them.

II) Proud to see a bunch of people going over their comfort zone and travel in a destination where poverty is all around to support and contribute in the development of a community.

III) Convinced to see that my annual donation in ActionAid brings the development through the education support.

IV) Rule of my life No one: SHARE-SHARE-SHARE!!! Priceless the feeling you will take back.

V) Rule of my life No Two: SPREAD THE LOVE!!!

There is no time to be ignorant.

To sum up if I can:

For me this mission is where I met the generosity of 45 amazing HUMANS!

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