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“GIVE + TAKE love, hope, light, smile”


Cacogiannis Institute Greece

“GIVE + TAKE love, hope, light, smile”

ΔΙΝΩ+ΠΑΙΡΝΩ lrs (28)

29 October 2013 – 17 November 2013



Charity photo exhibition conveying the value of “no borders charity”. Contributing as main photographer, being responsible for the promotion and media communication.

The revenues offered to Floga Foundation and Actionaid Organisation.

“When you give love, hope, light, smile, eventually you take all these feelings, and even more, back!  That simple, just with a smile! Whenever I offer I receive back and this is why I continue to offer .. Something special, something tough or maybe not, something spontaneous… as this exhibition which was for us a journey in our inner souls…”





Interview in Cosmopolitan Greece Magazine

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Interview in the Radio broadcasting station “Αthina894”

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