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London City

I was 18 years old when I I traveled abroad for the first time.  I had to make a conspiracy in order to anounce that to my parents, since few months ago it was the Empire State Building crash and my mum was afraid that on the same plane to London, something bad would happen and Osama would threw the plane on Big Ben …

Anyway, it took me some time and some common sense arguments…. and at the end I traveled with my friends to London.

London City

Have a nice trip

Huge experience! I remember that I was impressed by the people you meet in the streets. Not only they are from all over the world, but also each of them has their style without concerning the small talks. But off course, this is not something London people do! Ten days we were feeding with rice every day in order to stay i nour budget.

Last day, we visited Harrods with only 2 pounds in our pocket ! We were students so… not enough money for luxuries…

And that trip was the first to make me realize… the world is out there.

Follow me to the next country… Spain

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