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Piazza del Corso, Let me introduce Stratos

let Me INTRoduce

His name is Stratos. I met him in Piazza del Corso while I was walking around. He sells handmade vases and pots by paper.

«I used to make jewelries by paper”, I say to him while I was observing a colorful vase.

«Where are you from?” he asks.

«From Greece»

“Sovara!!” replied in Greek.

And we spend the following three hours to talk about his life stories…



I loved my wife, she is from Italy that’s why I ended up here. But I was not honest with her. She was right not to can tolerate me…

Now we have one son. He is married , he doesn’t want to talk with me. I understand why. When he was a kid my priority was to save money and do my things… We hardly had a lunch on Sunday like a proper family. But you cannot bring back moments, time passes only for once.

Remember that!

His wife would like to help me but now I am old…I was a sailor for years, I did several jobs, I did my choices and now I have to deal with that. No one else should pay my choices.

I don’t believe in any religion.  A priest wanted to help me. I told him. “There is  young guy near there, try to help him. I only need from you to have a bath some days.”  This is my priority. Especially when I visit my grandchildren and y friend back in Thessaloniki.

“My girl, you are a young and beautiful woman don;t take advantage of that. Women are strong, I admire you and we should respect you! Now I am old I know…”

Stratos looks educated and I am trying to understand of the background.

“My girl, there are only a few casinos in Europe that I haven’t been…”

For the sory and I am not sure if that matters, Stratos is homeless.

I am not writing that story to feel mercy, Stratos  is really proud! Neither to judge him, Stratos knows his mistakes and he takes responsibility.

I share that story to share with you what he told me at the end:

“Well, sometimes it is redeeming to talk with someone… Thanks I really needed that!”






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